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A person or an organization that is starting to exhibit buying behavior is your lead. In Epan, lead generation can be done in three ways :

  1. Manual Feeding : You can manually add leads by click on "Add Lead" button. A form will appear asking for details of the lead, you just have to fill in the required information and click on "Add" button and lead will be added. If you want to add lead one after another then you need to leave "Want To Add Next Lead" checkbox checked otherwise unchecked to navigate to lead detail page.

  2. Lead Grabbing : Epan is capable of searching the internet and provide you with thousands of sales leads.

    The process of grabbing lead is simple. First of all you will have to type your search string in google search box (example: confectioners in jaipur). when the search result displays press ctrl+u and copy all the text displayed there. Just paste what you copied in HTML Code text box, select categories you want to associate lead with and press "Grab button".
    PRO TIP : Change your google search setting from 10 results per page to 100 results per page to grab more leads at one go.
  3. CSV Import :  You can import leads from CSV file too. The process goes like this, You click on Import CSV button and you browse and upload a CSV.
    Title of the columns must be similar to the titles in "Same CSV" which you can download by clicking on "Download Sample File".

Actions And Their significant :
On almost every grid in epan, you will see Status (Active/InActive etc.) and action dropdown. 
In lead there are four kinds of actions :
  1. Deactivate/Activate : To activate or deactivate lead.
  2. Communication : To see previous communication or to add new communication with lead.

  3. Send : To a send a singe newsletter to lead.

    Note : only approved newsletter will be there in the dropdown.
  4. Create Opportunity : A potential favourable condition to sell a product or service is an opportunity. In epan you can create an opportunity and associate it to particular lead, assign it to an employee, and walk through it's lifecycle.
To view a lead's detail, you can just click on it's name and navigate to various menus consisting details of lead.

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