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Epan's marketing application lets you put all the marketing data and content at one place and allows you to give your customers, probable customers a personalized experience.
Your customers want their experience to be of a top notch quality and you want their long lasting loyalty and epan satisfies these needs.

Basically Epan's marketing application consists of these facilities :

  1. Strategy planning and feedback based upon various scenarios
  2. Lead and opportunity management
  3. Newsletter/tele/SMS marketing
  4. Social marketing
  5. Content scheduling based upon lead and their categories
  6. Proper analytical feedback
  7. Campaign management
Which in return provides :
  1. Minds left only for productive tasks and not for trivial tasks
  2. Fully automated business activities
  3. Full transparency in business
  4. Proper client/Lead handling capabilities
  5. On the spot communication and workflow management

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